Monday, August 21, 2006

Good News and Bad News

The Bad
I am tired. Dog tired. I am going into my third week of this crap, and I am just beaten down. Wah wah wah. I say "I" when I should say "we". I appreciate the support everyone has given.

The Problem
I think I have been patient. Russell and Smith Honda took possession of my car, drove it in a manner that was not appropriate and wrecked it. Their initial response was so underwhelming it hardly bears mentioning, and they continue to be unclear about what they plan to do about it.

Here is what I do know:
  • Their insurance is involved, my car has been moved to a more reputable shop for repairs, and the insurance company has provided me with a rental car.
  • I now own a car that will NEVER be worth what it was when I entrusted it to Russell and Smith for repairs.
  • The General Manager has continually told me that he would like to do the right thing. However, he has not yet made any indication on what that may be, only saying that he doesn't have the information he needs yet.
If something isn't done, and the situation is left as it stands:
  • I will have a car that is worth much less than it was when I purchased it 4 months ago (or Monday before last even), probably less than I owe.
  • I will have to go through the effort and cost of selling the car, at a most inconvenient time (upcoming wedding etc... ), again, probably at a loss.
  • I will, when I have the time and money, have to commit the time and effort (and cost) to find another car (last time took me three months).
In a nutshell, I will be left to clean up the mess Russell and Smith made.

The Solution (hopefully)
Unfortunately, I think it is time I turned this over to a professional.

I have found an attorney that I think is appropriate. He practices the right type of law, has relevant experience and will take the case on contingency. What's more, and I seriously take this as a blessing, he is located downtown. I can't explain to you how tight for time I am right now, and it is a saving grace that I can walk to speak with him at my lunch hour. I meet with him mid week, I will try to post more after that.

It is truly disappointing that it has come to this. I sincerely hoped that I would find out this was all a big miscommunication, that Russell and Smith had been working diligently to make things right and I could write a happy ending to this blog or even remove it altogether so as not to give the wrong impression to anyone who might have stumbled across it.

I suppose reality was the alarm clock in the middle of that dream.

The Good
Well, if this is going to be a nightmare rather than a dream, at least I can spread the word so others don't... Ok, that's as far as I can carry that metaphor.

Either who, look at what we have done:

Number two ranking in MSN.

Number three in Google (although apparently it is number two in some data centers, so you may see it there soon).

Number five in Yahoo!

And for good measure, we are first page on google when you Search for Russell and Smith Ford and Russell and Smith Mazda.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wowie.. It's amazing what the internets can do.
I usually don't condone the litigious behavior you see all too often in these types of situations, but I think it's gone on long enough. Good to hear you're consulting a lawyer.

10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've been more than patient; now go and hurt them. I for one know that they will never, ever see a single penny of my money for any vehicle or service they may offer. And I sure hope they see these comments and realize how many potential sales they have lost.

10:40 PM  
Blogger Tyler D. said...

My mother went trough something like this a few years ago. It took two years to settle.

I hope you end up ahead.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm glad you've decided to seek legal representation for your interests. That's the way to go.

12:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey good luck w/ this. keep up us updated w/ the situation. i hope for the best man!

1:08 PM  

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